Maharajshree’s Sayings

“Incarnation of Ishwara in our Intellect is Knowledge.”

  • If you are ‘here’ and wish to know something ‘there’away from you,then in order to know that thing you need to go there. If you are present “now,” and know something of “future,” then in order to know it, you need to wait for time. If it is ahead or behind, then you need to meditate. And if you say “I am This,” and Supreme Truth is “That,” then in order to know Supreme Truth you would need to do Devotion. You need to meditate.
    But when you say “I am Brahman,” you don’t need to move a single step, you don’t need to wait for time, you don’t need to remember, and you don’t need to leave or hold anything.Neither do you need to meditate and nor do you need to worship.
    In Vedant knowledge,Adyatmagyan,science of the Self,here knowledge is inseparable from the ‘being’ of the Self.Our ‘being’, ‘ humara hona’,and ‘Knowledge of our being’, ‘ gyan ka hona’ are both inseparable.
  • When you think almost twenty to twentyfive times during the day— “I am happy”, “I am unhappy,” —What is this? Do you believe yourself to be “happy” only after you have seriously reasoned it out? Do you believe yourself to be “unhappy” after giving it a serious thought? All these are superimposed notions which proves our ignorance—now how do we get rid of it? Both sorrow and happiness are misplaced values,misconceived tendencies.It is a misplaced form of being which comes to us as sorrow.In the absence of happiness we misconceive to be sorrow and in the absence of sorrow we misconceive us to be happy.We actually do not rise from sorrow to joy but we rise from ignorance to Knowledge.
  • Whatever impressions is there before death will remain after death. If you are a virtuous person before death then you will remain virtuous after death.If you have desires before death then you will have desires after death, and if you are a liberated soul now you will remain a liberated soul after death. Whatever you have identified your “I” self with due to ignorance, if with the help of knowledge you discard all these conditionings, your “I” is free from bondage and liberation. It is because of your ignorance that you have accepted this bondage, and with knowledge you are liberated. In your pure “Self” there is neither any bondage nor liberation,neither any knowledge nor any ignorance.
  • Someone who gets carried away—how can he see the constant ,changeless One, since he is already carried away? It is not visible for everyone, only those whose are even minded, those who do not get carried away by sense perception, like one who goes to Gangaji and is carried away by the strong currents. Who will get the vision of the changeless One? The one who jumps into Ganga gets carried away or the one who remains on the banks of ganga and observes the currents of ganga.Similarly, the current of sense perception is flowing, thought waves are flowing, and the one who is not carried away by these waves is a even minded person and has disciplined his mind through years of practice.The person whose mind is at poise,in equanimity shall be the knower of ‘One’,Brahman,Absolute Truth.
  • Sit for meditation,having firm conviction that right now,“I am going to meet Parmatman,Almighty God”. After meeting him I will become One with him, and I am not sure whether he will allow me to return back, who knows, possibly he might keep me with himself. Possibly I might not have to return back to this emperical world. One who goes to meet the lord with such intense passion definitely he would meet Parmatma.
  • You know that even sun is subjected to changes. There is change in the ocean. there is permutation in the moon as well. Even earth is undergoing a change the scientist keeps a record ;in five hundred thousand years, how much change there shall be on Earth. How much dust falls from sky and gets accumulated on Earth. Oh! They have been trapped believing this body to be ‘mine,’ get trapped searching for the constant, eternal, truth in this.
    “If in this very life you are able to ‘KNOW who God Is’, then your life is worthwhile or else you are heading towards great destruction.”
  • “Those who are lovers of Vedant, I am going to give talk on something worth hearing and meant for them.” Knowledge is imperishable, and thus cannot be limited by time. It is whole and complete, and thus cannot be limited by space. And it is non-dual, thus object is incapable of limiting it. Imperishable, whole, non-dual knowledge reflects the essence of consciousness. Consciousness is non-dual and whole. That means there is no place where it can come and go. It can neither go towards east nor towards west, because both are revealed by it. It can neither go up nor go downwards, neither outside the cloth, nor inside the pot, it cannot go anywhere. Going forth and coming back is not possible for knowledge. If consciousness is missing somewhere, only then does it make sense to go there. If it exists in something, then it makes sense to go inside there. Thus in knowledge there is no such thing as going forth and coming back.It is ‘Now and Here.’
  • Now believe that there is one big time which is flowing, and in it there are small, small drops of seconds, minutes, and hours, the clock and it’s chimes are all flowing. So now the consciousness which is within the sphere of seconds, and which is present in each of the seconds, the same eternal Consciousness is flowing in the one common flow of time as well.
    Thus from the standpoint of time it is imperishable, and from the standpoint of space it is whole, and from the standpoint of object it is non-dual. There is no existence other than this. It is a consciousness of Ultimate Existence,which is at once Freedom and Bliss.We call the Ultimate Reality,Sat-chid-Anand,Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.