Maa’s Sayings

“To move from Form to Formless is Bhakti, Devotion.”


!!Shree Hari!!

  1. Truth is an indispensible language of life and knowingly or unknowingly mankind has always been in search of truth. The laws of nature are inconvertible, certain and remain the same in all different place, time and object. If they are universal, the Intelligence behind them is also universal. It also shows that this world- appearance has arrived from One Conscious-principle.


  1. To live a life according to that Supreme Consciousness is called Dharma, religion, values, code of conduct, or character etc. Consciousness is Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-Undivided. Non-dual means, IT remains the same despite of different times, places, people and conditionings. Thus; It is The Truth.


  1. Laws we can perceive externally but this Truth is very subtle and cannot be received through our sense –organs, mind or intellect. We can never say , as we cannot perceive, thus, It does not exist. Truth is universal and all existences are because of this ultimate Existence, all knowing is because of this knowledge or Consciousness and similarly all small happiness denotes Supreme Bliss.


  1. All are one, because Truth is One. Oneness is love. Again this love is beyond body, beyond sense-organs, beyond-thinking and experiences. At the same time it is not some mysterious conclusion, but It is direct, It is obvious, It is homogenous and Universal Experience. When the Universal Truth unfolds all other experiences becomes immaterial, insignificant and ethereal.