” One whose Satsang, spiritual discourse is gunateet, transcends beyond the three gunas, qualities; how is it possible to worship Sadguru while sitting in Guna’s. “
” Atman is the substratum of knowledge. Henceforth transactional relative knowledge proves the pre-existence of knowledge. “
” After negation of direct perceptual knowledge and inferencial knowledge, the Self Evident Knowledge Is as it Is. “
” Humility is superior than Service. To ease the knot of Ego, both humility and service is the best medicine. “


About Maa

Maa’s Life a Complete Reverence In Glorifying The Grandeur Of Vedant.

Her disciple soul Is and always Is anchored firmly at her Guru’s feet which is an exhaustive study of Advait philosophy. Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji of Vrindavan is her Gurudev. He not only was a Realized saint but also a pronounced scholar of prasthantrei, it implies Bramhasutra, Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads; also plethora of other scriptures. Maa’s discourses is an an echo of her Gurudev’s teachings which resonates infallibly with the Upanishads. The highly textualised scriptures are unfolded methodically through her discourses. Her teaching helps Sadhak’s to easily disembark their self annointed ignorance and imbibe the sublime meaning of Advait philosophy with Conviction.

Shree Maa Poornaprajna


Brahmavidya is that traditional wisdom, which through it’s teaching reveals the illusory nature of jagat, false appearance. Thus proves the certainty of your Real Self.

One in whose life Guru’s grace is present, he is not perturbed or influenced by any circumstancial change, personality, object, time or space. If Guru is the essence of Absolute Reality, then one whose face is turned towards Guru, is the essence of Absolute Knowledge. There is no difference between devotion towards Ishwara and Guru. If unknown conviction in Ishwara is Bhakti then known Bhakti alone is conviction in Brahman, Absolute Knowledge.

Vedanta Q & A

One who comes to negate the names and forms;
He himself is a Name and Form – Divine.


Object is an externalized mental activity.
When we are not giving importance to objects, it means we are not giving importance to mental activity.
Again when we are not giving importance to our mental activity, it means, not giving importance to objects , apparent names and forms.


One is the tradition of direct intuitive knowledge, another is a tradition of practice, means cleansing of inner instruments. Worship of Guru’s feet is in reality worship of infallible knowledge or worship of Supreme Consciousness.

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The scriptures by the method of superimposition and negation takes us to our ultimate goal. Your Essence is Truth and it proves the declaration of scriptures as True.
Hence Truth is proven by Truth.

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Negation of relative thoughts during contemplation reflects the strength of reasoning. This is enquiry into Brahman, the Supreme Consciousness.