Baba’s Sayings

“There is no greater bliss than Renunciation.”
“There is no greater Knowledge than Self Enquiry.”

Q 1.What are the ways to attain God Realization?
  1. One should practise forbearance.
  2. One should not waste precious time
  3. Despite being near tempting objects one should be disinclined to bring it in one’s use.
  4. Constant remembrance of ‘Ishta devta’one’s personal God.
  5. One should take refuge in one’s Guru.
Q2. What is the benefit of meeting a Saint ?

All one’s sins are forgiven this is a simple benefit of meeting a Saint.The most significant benefit is, the person meeting a Saint at the end he himself becomes a Saint.

Q3. What is the difference between Samadhi & Realization ?

Samadhi is a state of mind ,not subject to any modification but Realization is not a state but  it is the essence of one’s Real Self. Samadhi remains a subservient to it’s doer and Realization is devoid of doership or effort. In nirvikalpa avastha,state of trance with seedness present, free from all sorts of modification. Vritti, thought wave, in an unmanifested form and hence there is return. But in nirvikalp swaroop, it state of oneness and without any seed of time,form and space. It is Realisation of Self free from modification of the mind, free from Samadhi , free from beginning and end.

‘’nirvikalpa swaroopatma savikalpa vivarjita.

Sada Samadhi shunyatma aadi madhyant varjita’’

Q4. Maharj ji ! How can we find God ?

Oh ! Who wants to meet God ? Everyone desires for woman, son & wealth. Remember God all the time in each and every breath, then see, how you do not find God.

Q5. How does love for God gets destroyed ?

a.Being in the company of extrovert people
b. Reading books written by extroverts.
c. Practise of reading many scripture.
d. In the company of worldy people.
e. By making many disciples.

Q6. What are the five things one should renounce to be a seeker of knowledge or a devotee ?
  1. Meaningless thinking
  2. Meaningless talks
  3. Meaningless seeing.
  4. Meaningless wandering
  5. Meaningless listening
Q7. What is the most essential duty of a seeker of knowledge & a Bhakta?

To forget one’s ownself and remain in intense absorption in remembrance of God is the foremost duty of a Bhakta. And the most importunate duty of a seeker of knowledge is to give up all his resolutions. It is  well said:-

“Despite hundreds of worries, it is a challenge of a lover that flames of love for ishwara shall always remain ignited in heart.”

Q8. What is the difference between selfless devotion and devotion with expectation?

To seek only Ishwara, is selfless devotion and to desire for  other things other than Ishwara, is devotion with expectation. It means sense of enjoyment, is sakamta,seeking from God some material gains,and seeking only Ishwara is nishkamta,selfless love.

Q9. To conquer mind, five things are extremely essential.
  1. Renounce all imaginative thinking
  2. Austere of silence.
  3. Avoid female company.
  4. Live in solilude
  5. Read sacred, holy books.
Q10. What is the defference between Realization and state of Realization ?

To experience the non-existence of complete manifestation and also to observe oneself separate from it, is state of Realization. And to experience “I am in everything” is Realization.

Q11. What is absolute knowledge “Bramha Jnana”?

Absolute knowledge is a state of non-dual essence and the practise of being in this state of knowledge is intense non-dual mental attitude ‘Bhava’. But this attitude is not generated by any doer. The mental attitude dealing with duality is originated from a doer but mental attitude dealing with non-duality is devoid of doership.

Q12. What is the benefit if one listens to discourses and does not practise it in life ?

It is similar to reading Ramayan without having any devotion towards lord Ram. In other words,to read Shreemad Bhagwad Gita without being a follower of lord Krishna.To read Ramayan without having any devotion towads bhagwan Ram.

Q13. By these four quoted lines even an enemy becomes a friend
  1. Do not get angry despite the other persons hostile attitude towards you.
  2. Try to make conversation with a person even if he is not speaking with you.
  3. If there is an exchange of hot conversation then it is better to manintain silence.
  4. Do not insult or look down upon anyone.
Q14.There are nine characteristics of ‘Surrender’.
  1. Humility
  2.  Selflessness
  3.  Truthfulness
  4.  Absolute surrender
  5. . Humbleness
  6.  Absolute faith
  7. Worshipper of all
  8. Single mindedness
  9. To forget one’s individuality.
Q15. What is the difference between Experience & Appearance (pratiti)?

Appearance happens with the helps of sense perception and Experience ,with your own self. Thus the object of appearance (pratiti) appears for everyone and experience experienced only to one’s ownself. Meaning that which appears at the sametime for everyone , is known to be ‘pratiti’   illusory Appearance and that which appears to oneself is known as Experience.