Maharajshree Sayings

“Truth is always simple and straight without any hypocrisy and constraint. Effort is required not in the attainment of Truth but to give up falsehood.”

  • Do not seek that Samadhi where there is lack of reasoning. Do not seek that devotion where the power to discrimination is lost. And do not do that karma where there is incorrect reasoning. Always keep the power of rational reasoning awake.
  • Incarnationof Ishwara in one’s intellect is knowledge.
  • Incarnation of Ishwara in our love is devotion.
  • Incarnation of Ishwara in our arms is karma.
  • There are two kinds of knowledge:
  • Paravidya, direct knowledge of Brahman,
    and Aparavidya, indirect knowledge of Brahman.
    Aparavidya emphasizes factual words of Vedas.
    Paravidya deals with knowledge, and puts emphasis on the transcendental meanings of Vedas.
  • When ‘i’ and ‘this’ become ‘One,’ the complete manifestation becomes my own ‘One Essence’.
  • The secret of Ishwara is that he is all-knowing and omniscient.
  • This world is always moving and is impregnated with many sorrows. One who proceeds in the path of materialism will be infected by this disease, and one who proceeds in the path of, yog will quit this world and unite with Parmatman.
  • ‘There is bondage in the tradition of maya, ‘illusion’ and  liberation in the tradition of knowledge, Supreme’
  • ’One’ is Free from Fear. Fear is in two, fear exists in three, fear exist in being four—there is no fear in remaining One.”One signifies liberation.”
  • God’s grace is not formless. When it comes in the form of sacred mala, sacred beads in hand, as a Sad Guru in heart, and his name on our tongue, then believe; God’s real benediction has truly happened..
  • Throughout the day we take birth several times and die several times. You are One. Meditate upon this “One.”