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“In the womb of this burning aspiration for knowledge, is concealed the Knowledge Itself.”

About Us

About Us
“Lineage is knowledge.” In common understanding we might not agree with this statement but here is an upanishaidic science above person and personality. It is pure Self evident knowledge, the science of Oneness. Where there are no discriminating lines between the Knower,Knowledge and Known,pramata,pramaan and prameya.
Lineage is non-separate from Knowledge and both is Anadi and Anant – Beginningless and Eternal.One who knows this, is an enlightened saint.
An enlightened alone can awaken a Soul to Enlightenment. This is attained through complete surrender of a disciple towards his Guru.
This Vedic science is beautifully indoctrinated through Guru and disciple learnings, where the commitment of the seeker as mentioned in scriptures; “shastrasya guruvakyasya,satyabuyav dharanam.” means an aspirant should have unaltered faith in scriptures and in the words of one’s Guru.
An amazing understanding above sense perception is developed through Upanishaidic teachings,
that Knowledge, Absolute Consciousness is already present, only the misapprehension of creating and attainment has to be deconditioned. The delusion of smallness, incompleteness, imperfectness, limitedness has to be obviated and replaced with our true identity,The Self , Absolute Truth.